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Your second home by the sea

Welcome to Doris SPA & Wellness, a place only 300 m from the beach and located in the eastern part of the Spa District of our seaside resort. We have everything you need to spend a comfortable rest and relax in an intimate or family circle. If you give us a moment, you'll learn about some other interesting surprises that we have prepared for you.

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Always clean and tailored to your needs

Thinking about going to a new place, you always want those you take with you as well as you feel safe. We are a place for you that you can count on. For the sake of you, we prepare not only our rooms, but also all the attractions available in our facility.

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Kompleks basenowy

One of the largest water zones

We are very pleased to show you which attractions you will use in the swimming pool complex with a size of about 300 m2 of water surface. Being in it you will relax not only your body, but also improve your well-being, vitality and regenerate yourself internally.

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