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Health and Vitality

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Don't give up your dream vacation by your pet,


take him with you to us!

We perfectly understand that for many people a beloved animal is like a family and it's hard to part with it, even for a few days. There are also animals that endure parting badly, and leaving him under the care of someone he knows is not always possible.

When planning your dream stay at Doris SPA you don't have to part with your pet. Just like you, we love animals and we will gladly welcome you and your pets in our facility.

The proximity of the seaside park and clean air only encourage long walks.

Facilities for pets

As your pets are also our guests, we want their stay to be as comfortable as the owners. That is why we rent a playpen or mattress so that your quadruped can rest comfortably before the next days full of impressions in the new surroundings.

Towels for wiping paws

If during the walk you are surprised by rain or your pet loves walking through puddles or mud, you do not have to worry about how to wipe your pet after returning to the Facility. At your request, a towel prepared especially for Him will be waiting in the room.



Spare bowl for a pet

It can happen that in the heat of preparation for the trip you forget about the bowl for your quadruped. In this case, please let us know a little earlier due to the limited number of our spare cups.

Food emergency

If you run out of food during your stay - please let us know and we will try to deliver it. We will also tell you where there are well-stocked pet shops in Kołobrzeg.

Spare bags for dogs and cats.



Regulamin pobytu zwierząt

  1. The animal's permission to stay in the Facility is issued by the reception if the animal meets the requirements of the regulations.
  2. An additional fee, in accordance with the current price list, is connected with the animal's stay in the facility.
  3. Only pets (dogs and cats) are allowed on the premises.
  4. Guest accommodation with pets is only possible in designated rooms (BASIC, STANDARD).
  5. Admission is a condition of arrival for guests with an animal when booking the room. In the event of a failure to notify the reception of the Facility in advance, we reserve the right to refuse admission.
  6. We accept only healthy animals with health books (current vaccinations, deworming). If there is no document at the reception, a contact to the veterinarian is available. Doris SPA has the right to refuse admission of sick animals or without documents.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to bring animals to service outlets: Havana Cafe, dining room, pool area, spa area. Dogs must be walked on a leash and in a muzzle, under the care of the owner or an authorized person.
  8. The owner is responsible for keeping the animal in the facility, keeping silence and not disturbing other guests. In the event of repeated complaints from other Guests, Doris SPA reserves the right to request the removal of an animal from the Facility.
  9. All damages to the property of the Facility or in the property of other Guests caused by the animal will be individually assessed by the Doris SPA Directorate, and their costs will be charged to the owner of the animal.
  10. The property has the right to refuse admission of animals commonly considered dangerous or aggressive, including spiders and reptiles.
  11. Bearing in mind the specifics of the Facility - we reserve the right not to accept or withdraw an animal's residence permit in Doris SPA in case of aggressive behavior towards people, small children and other animals present in the Facility.


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